Discount Product Policy - Bretoes

Discount Product Policy

Super discount product description and related after-sales:

About super discount product description:

Our super discounts are divided into BRETOES and regular products,

BRETOES (with BRETOES badge) super discount, price and super discount rules are determined by BRETOES.

Super discounts for regular products are set by our product suppliers based on super discount prices and rules (these product suppliers are all from Amazon’s high-quality suppliers)

About product after-sales description:

All discounted products enjoy after-sales service, and we will explain the specific after-sales service of such products.

  1. About the inspection of discounted products when receiving: When receiving, please check whether the product is normal or damaged. If you find any problems, you can contact our after-sales service staff at to communicate.
  2. If there is a problem with the product under normal use, you can still enjoy our after-sales service. You can send an email to explain and our after-sales service staff will return the goods for you.

We do not accept the following forms of after-sales service:

  1. Malicious behavior that destroys the product.
  2. The problem of making dishonest products for no reason.


About delivery instructions:

After receiving the order for the discounted product, we will process the order within 1 working day. BRETOES badge products will be shipped within 2-3 working days, and discounted products from partner suppliers will be shipped within 3-6 working days.


Regarding the quality of discounted products:

All discounted products are from Amazon’s stock products. Due to excessive inventory, partners will cooperate with BRETOES to carry out product super discount activities. After you purchase, the merchant will send it to you from the Amazon warehouse. The quality of Amazon products is the same. do not worry!


About order tracking instructions:

Since our products are shipped from Amazon warehouses, some order tracking uses FBA, so we cannot recognize FBA tracking. Therefore, you cannot check the shipping status of the FBA in the order. But other logistics (such as UPS, USPS and other logistics) have order tracking